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Note: This game is currently in development and is set to release around 2022, download the demo below!

Short adventure about healing people's inner worlds from corruption

You play as Azure the frog healer in the village floating on the sky. The lands of people's inner world's have been corrupted by dark-ooze and the only way to stop it from spreading all over the environment is by cleaning it. The corruption may spawn vile creatures, who spread the corruption further. Use your trusty cleangun to shoot foam that corrodes the vile spread and the hydration spell slab for rejuvenating the lands. It is your duty to heal the villagers, will you help?

It is up to you to clean the spreading vile corruption, so pick up your cleangun and start blasting!
Each area's corruption is unique in some way and as the corruption mutates, don't be frightened though as your array of tools will also upgrade along the way.

After getting the corruption cleaned the lands are dry and lifeless, that's there the hydration spell slab comes in.
Use the hydration spell to breath new life into the lands like a painter with a blank canvas, the environment will thank you!

You live in a small village on a floating island somewhere high above the clouds, oddly enough you or the other villages don't know how you and the others got there in the first place.
The village is cozy and peaceful, away from problems of the other worlds and a home for you and others. You'll also have your own house to decorate and furnish to your liking, pick up those hydration crystals to buy some furniture!

Made with love by Hugimugi :3


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