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Deepsea Alchemy is a survival exploration game that fuses elements from games like terraria and subnautica. Deepsea Alchemy places the player in control of a submarine trying to explore a previously unknown part of the ocean with a variety of aggressive and dangerous creatures but also ruins and rare materials to harvest. Will you be able to uncover the mysteries that lie below the surface?

Play the new public demo build below.

If you are interested in providing funding or publishing this game, please reach out to me via the contact on my website


Public Demo Build (NEW) 138 MB
Game Jam Version (OLD) 2 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download new demo Windows zip file.
  2. Extract files (all extracted files need to be at the same location).
  3. Double-click on EXE to start the game.

Development log


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Its a amazing game, and the control is very unique. I never saw a control lik this before(to go up and down), but at the beginning, its very much to read, and it could have an ambiend soundtrack. But its very nice