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A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Words Have Power

It was another glorious day in the Holy Kingdom of Arrhenia, and a great wizard was hard at work, searching for mystical Words of Power…

Lorem Ipsummon is a puzzle-platformer in which you must make your way through a variety of fiendish obstacles to uncover the secrets of the forbidden ruins. Along the way, you’ll find Words of Power which can be used to summon objects that will aid your progress.

Be careful, wizard - there may be threats in unexpected places. Use your words wisely, and always listen to what you’re told.


  • Movement - WASD / Arrows
  • Jump - W / Up / Space
  • Restart - R
  • Fullscreen Toggle - F11
  • Exit - Esc


  • Joonatan Siponen (Hugimugi) - Developer, Direction, Pixel Art, Design
  • Oliver Boyce - Coding, Level Design, Design
  • Cal Clarke - Technical Sound Design
  • Charley Rand - Writing
  • Langi Tuifua - Voice Acting
  • Christoph Jakob - Music


Download 69 MB
Download 69 MB

Install instructions

Extract to a common directory and start the executable.

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