Keep the oak alive

You play as Gobby the tree goblin. You are endowed with the position of the almighty Oak Defender. You must protect the mighty enchanted oak from the surrounding forest creatures. You must keep the tree alive or it will die and the forest will become corrupted.

You will use helpful plants at your side and feed the mighty Oak plenty of sunshine and water to keep it growing big, strong, and mighty.

They’re coming, you must prepare!

  • Flying and ground enemies with different characters
  • Cute oak tree (with a face :3 )
  • Quirky music and SFX
  • Different plants that defend the tree

Controls 🎮

  • Move: WASD / Arrow keys
  • Shoot: Left mouse button / ‘X’ Key
  • Interact: Space
  • Switch tower type: ‘S’ Key / Down arrow key
  • Exit: Escape
  • Restart: ‘R’ Key
  • Toggle fullscreen: F11


  • Director & Lead Designer, Developer: Joonatan Siponen (@Hugimugi7)
  • Developer, Designer: Barret Vasilchik (@Barret232hxc)
  • Composer, Sound Designer, (comedy relief): Christoph Jakob (@DisOmikron)
  • Pixel Artist, Animator, Logo Designer: Lucas Mendes Zoglio (@Lymze)

Important note ❗

  • MacOS users, please download the DMG version if not downloading through the app.
    Some are experiencing problems otherwise.

Install instructions

  1. Download Windows zip file.
  2. Extract files (all extracted files need to be at the same location).
  3. Double-click on "Oak Defenders.exe" to start the game.
  1. Download Mac dmg file.
  2. Double-click on "Oak Defenders 1.2.0 MAC" to extract it.
  3. Double-click on "Oak Defenders" to start the game.
  1. Download Linux zip file.
  2. Extract "Oak Defenders 1.2.0"
  3. Double-click on "LDJAM46" to start the game.


Oak Defenders 1.2.2 7 MB
Oak Defenders 1.2.2 MAC.dmg 9 MB
Oak Defenders 1.2.2 (only for app) 9 MB
Oak Defenders 1.2.2 7 MB


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umm, how do you water the tree?

(2 edits)

The water heals the tree, so you can only water it when it is damaged

oh okay lol




Awesome Game! I love the idea of combining a defense style game with a platformer! I featured Oak Defenders in my video today if you're interested! Good luck with the game jam! 

great video! Glad you enjoyed it so much. that was a fun watch