a Cooking game with only one recipe

In this systematic cooking-simulation game the only one objective is to make:

The Mighty Ramen

  • Collect Ingredients throughout the farm pen, and chop, cook, boil etc. them according to your trusty recipe book. 

  • There is a plethora of ways to prepeare the food ingredients you collect, but only one of them is the right approach into making your target dish a reality.

Best played in non-hml5 format, but it's possible to play it in HTML5.


  • Arrow Keys:   Movement
  • Space:   Pickup/Drop
  • Alt:   Putting/Taking ingredients to/from containers
  • Alt:   Using tools on ingredients or using ingredients on tools 
  • Shift:   Sprint
  • F11:   Toggle fullscreen (F10 for MacOS)
  • R:   Restart Game
  • Esc:   Exit game


NOTE:   We are sorry but we didn't have time for an ingame tutorial, but without understanding what to do, the game could get frustrating so that's why we created this quick 'tutorial'. Oh boy, do we want to change things to be more intuitive, but it's a game jam.

  • The objective of the game is to make 'Mighty Ramen', You can find the recipe and instructions on the recipe book on the table.
  • To pick up and drop objects press Space.
  • By moving close to ingredients and containers, you can see their info. This way you can see what have been done to the ingredient and what a container contains.
  • To use tools and put/take ingredients to/from containers press Alt.
  • You don't need the knife for chopping ingredients! 
  • All ingredients need to be together before boiling them all.
  • If you have done extra stuff or have left out some preparations to the ingredients before boiling them together, the recipe won't work.          (This includes doing  duplicate prepearations e.g, - Cooked - Cooked)


  • Created by:   Joonatan Siponen (Hugimugi7)
  • Music and Sound effects by:   Christoph Jakob (DisOmikron)

Install instructions

For Windows:
  1. Download Windows zip file.
  2. Extract files ("data.win" and executable needs to be at the same location).
  3. Double-click on Ramen Origins.exe to start the game.
For MacOS:
  1. Download Mac zip file from the Dropbox link above.
  2. Double-click on "Ramen Origins - Mac.app.zip" to start the game.
For Linux:
  1. Download Linux zip file from the Dropbox link above.
  2. Extract "Ramen Origins - Linux.zip"
  3. Double-click on "GMTK_jam_2019" to start the game.


Ramen Origins.zip 20 MB
Ramen Origins - MacOS.zip 23 MB
Ramen Origins - Linux.zip 21 MB


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It looks and sounds nice, but the gameplay isn't very engaging.