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Hey man! This was such a cool game! I loved the music and the scenery. The smirking figure was a little cocky for such a relaxing game, but didn't take me out of it.  I really liked how much you had to pay attention to the actual recipe to get going! It was like an adventure game without all the annoying hopping from NPC to NPC to do a favor for them to trade for something else. The fact it was one recipe was also nice. I also LOVE COOKING and this was my JAM! Haha. I loved how you had to murder the cow with the knife  and fill the bucket with water, and I especially loved that you had to wait for the water to boil or the food to cook. Adding that in was a really nice touch!

I actually liked running back and forth to collect ingredients, but it got a little too much when I had to wash each mushroom individually at the well instead of using a water bucket. Why did you include that part of your gameplay? To me, that was the only place that got super aggravating.

I did have a couple of weird game elements. I added all my ingredients to the pot and nothing happened! Then I think I clicked Alt or Space, I can't remember which, and all ingredients popped out, but a bunch of them had a Boiled characteristic x 3! Why did you make that a thing? Unfortunately because of that I wasn't able to finish. Is there ending or something to tell you if you finished? I wish you could put everything in, go to your book, and click a button that says "complete the ramen!" and it can notify you with a warning if something is wrong. That and fixing that weird feature which lets the pot explode all the ingredients out and give them multiple "boiled" characteristics would help a lot hahaha.

I really enjoyed this concept, gameplay, music, art style, and the effort you put into this. Thank you so much for taking the time to work on something like this. I really wish you the best in all you do in the future!

Thanks, I'm flattered to get such a long comment!

There are several things I would have changed such as the annoying back and forth fetching, but because the game was made in a 72 hour game jam I had to rush some things.

The game has a system where every action you do to a material adds up to the last one so you could chop a turnip several times and unfortunately you can't finish the meal then. The alt button takes out all of the ingredients so if you accidentally added something you weren't supposed to add, you could just remove it.

Yes there is a clear ending, but because I had to rush to get the system working in the first place I didn't have time to make it work with several of the same actions.

That being said I'm currently not planning on fixing and continuing the development of the game to a better state because I'm busy developing another game commercially and want to archive this as a casual game jam project.

Wow! That's so cool you're working on something else! I'll keep an eye out for your next project. I had a lot of fun. Thank you for all you do! :)

It looks and sounds nice, but the gameplay isn't very engaging.