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Letters of Note

It’s one month after the worst wedding of all time - yours. You should be in a state of newlywed bliss, but instead you find yourself packing to move out and move on. There are just a few items left to go through first: your wedding gifts.

Each gift came from a close friend, and each friend has reached out with their own version of the events that changed the course of your life. Examine their letters, texts, and messages to unravel what went wrong, and most importantly, decide who is worth keeping in your life.


  • Joonatan Siponen (Hugimugi) - Developer, Direction, Pixel Art
  • Charley Rand - Writing
  • Cal Clarke (CeeJay) - Sound design
  • Langi Tuifua - Voice acting

Secondary voices: Gracey Tela


TheOnesYouKeep_WIN_1.2.zip 79 MB

Install instructions

Extract to a common directory and run .EXE

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