Hello, Operator?

  • You're a prisoner of war to the nation of Kaspitov and you're forced to work as a wartime operator. With wife and daughter's life at stake you begin working near the front lines of the war.
  • Don’t get distracted by the chaos happening around you, since there seems to be something going wrong or breaking down every 10 seconds. Trusty terminal is your new friend while you struggle to listen to calls and figuring out where to connect them, so that you maybe might just stay alive for another day.


Best played in the standalone executable and not in browser. If audio doesn’t load in the web build, dowload the executable.


  • Joonatan Siponen (Hugimugi) - Lead Development, Lead Design, Direction, Pixel Art
  • Oliver Boyce (AlpalcaLad) - Development, Design
  • Cal Clarke (CeeJay) - Writing, Sound design, Design
  • Piervittorio Spina (Pier-V) - Music, Design
  • Langi Tuifua (SkyGuy) - Voice acting, Design

Secondary voices: Cal Clarke (CeeJay), Oliver Boyce (AlpalcaLad), Aleksander (Kawaii), Jay Du Heaume (JerseyJayUK), Christoph Jakob (DisOmikron)


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in the "tutorial for searching the nations" part of the game, there's a mistake in the subtitles. 

Yeah, this is true! I'm keeping this version as close to what was made during the game jam as possible, so I decided to not fix it


Thanks so much for adding subtitles! People who put their VO in game jam games often don't realize how crucial that is!